Essay on Problems With Mental Health And Illness

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This article discusses the real crisis in health professions in the United States. The paper presented by Dr. Albee explains mental health and illness. It talks about the problems with mental disorder and how our nation is growing the inability to provide the need for professional help. The need of members of our society that suffers from a mental disorder and that the signs of them are getting worse. How there’s a need for more mental health trainers for mental hospitals. The article demonstrates the most important indications of the shortage of professional’s personnel in the mental health fields and also showing the understaffing in public mental hospitals, where most of them that are disturbed are housed in a custodial care. Registered nurses were the shortest supply with less than one- fifth the number that was required for staffing in mental hospitals (George W. Albee, Ph.D.). There were only 141 beds one for every psychiatric hospitals (George W. Albee, Ph.D.). Public mental hospitals over the time have less number of physicians that would be required for human care. An issue that was address, is a large portion of physicians that are employed for mental hospitals are foreign- trained and in many occasions many are not fully prepared to offer the same help as if a psychiatrists trained in the United States.

The mental hospitals in the United States two – thirds of the number are psychologists that have high standards, but with that being said the standards are…

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