The Failure Of A Vegetarian Diet

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Perhaps a change in diet raises skeptical questions for some people, because they probably believe their usual diet is healthy and good. Some questions that might arise would be; if it does not kill you why not eat it? Or why would we have animals if not to eat them? Or even how come some doctors agree with a vegetarian diet and some do not? These types of questions would probably come from a person that has tried being a vegetarian, but failed or a person that does not care about nutrition, because they did not have problems with a meat diet. If a person did not experience any health issues with the diet they have had throughout their lives, then they would not adhere from something that has worked so well this far. Whatever the excuse might …show more content…
If they want to get the results they hoped for, they have to understand what the human body needs and how much of it needs. The way a person should educate themselves about such requirements is to look up articles, books that relate to the subject. Also they can find support groups that encourage and strengthen their goals. Sabate is very particular about the negative effects such a diet might have if not followed properly. Sabate finds that “{…} restrictive or unbalanced vegetarian diets may lead to nutritional deficiencies, particularly in situations of high metabolic demand.” This can be very problematic, because if such a diet is not followed correctly a person could get very sick. This is not to say it only occurs with the vegetarian diet, but every diet out there if not properly followed it could cause more problems than a person can handle or was even aware could happen. To avoid such issues an individual must pace them and keep track of what they eat and how much of it they eat. For example, if they chose to go on a vegetarian diet they cannot just eat veggies and ignore supplements or vitamins that are not in the fruits and veggies they eat. They have to make sure they give the body what it needs and to track their progress. The whole point of a diet is to get the benefits and results that could help them improve their health. However, if a person does not pay attention to the effects it has on their health then they will eventually suffer from malnutrition that could lead to different types of diseases and obesity might even

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