Problems Caused By Political Parties

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Our government would be very different if we didn’t have Political Parties. Life would be a lot harder without them. Political Parties cause a few problems in the early days of the United States. Political Parties were created by strong men who knew what they wanted from their government. These men worked hard to develop Political Parties. They each felt strongly about their beliefs and wanted the rest of their country to feel that way too.
Political Parties developed in the united states for several reasons. They wanted to separate the groups for what they stood for. They also wanted to make it easier for voters to know what that Political candidate stood for. For example, imagine today is the day for voting for the new President of the United States. Instead of it saying that one candidate is a democrat or republican, they just gave the definition of a democrat and a republican. I personally, think that it would be a lot harder.
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For example, Hamilton criticized, and voiced his negative opinions about Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to make himself look better. This type of campaign is still done today. Opposing candidates send out letters, or tell the press bad and most of the time, untrue things about the other. Another example is gerrymandering. Gerrymandering was started to criticize the weaker Political party, it is usually done by the more powerful Political party. Political Parties have impacted the U.S. government in many ways, and our country would be different without them. Political Parties caused the death of Alexander Hamilton. If he lived through that duel then he might of been president, and our world might of been totally different. Political parties developed because Jefferson and Hamilton had such strong disagreements. If they never developed, then who knows how different our world would have

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