Problems Associated With Water And Its Effects On The State Of The World

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Water is, and has always been, a basic human necessity and one with which no individual can survive without for a significant period of time. This is an irrefutable fact and because of this, there is little doubt that if water resources were horrifically depleted, conflicts between countries would arise, as would increased prevalence of illness, overpopulation in areas with water and general impoverishment from failing agriculture. With these effect, serious additional issues would be triggered and the state of the world would, both in terms of peace and general health, would be in serious jeopardy. These personal -yet commonly shared- beliefs, allow me to unequivocally support the idea that access to water is a more pressing issue than such commonly discussed issues as terrorism, lifestyle diseases, overpopulation and poverty.

The idea of “opportunistic politicians and powerful corporations battl[ing] for dwindling resources is not new by any means. Today, oil is comparable to water, or blue gold as it is referred to in the article. Politicians in developed nations are constantly trying to secure land with oil, whether it be their own or that of another, often impoverished country in need of aid, simply because oil is a resource the entire world recognizes the value and importance of. When this search for oil-rich land occurs, however, humanity can often be overlooked, as is shown in the documentary “The Oil Factor.” While the overall message of the documentary, that the…

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