Essay about Problems Associated With Plastic Resin Trading Business

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Before starting any business, a new entrepreneur requires adequate knowledge regarding the target market (E.A van Noort 1999). This plays a pivotal role in enabling entrepreneurs determine the appropriate entry and growth criteria of a business. This paper explores an online survey aimed at highlighting challenges associated with plastic resin trading business in Malaysia. This paper analyses the data obtained in the survey in order to successfully venture in the business at Shah Alam, Malaysia.
Primary data analysis

Business ethics demands that before conducting any survey, one ought to acquire the consent of the respondents. Ninety respondents agreed to take part in the online survey, whose participation was strictly on a voluntary basis. The results obtained were considerably easy to interpret and provided an insight into Malaysia’s resin trading operations and its challenges. Firstly, 100% of the respondents asserted that their plastic resin companies were situated in the West coast Peninsular. On the annual revenue section, the respondents were evenly distributed on a variety of revenue brackets. 20% of the respondents earned less than one million Malaysia Ringgit (MYR). Another twenty percent, representing eighteen respondents, on the other hand earned more than ten million Malaysia Ringgit (MYR). The bulk of the respondents, which comprised of 60% of the respondents earned between one million and ten million MYR. The main customer applications included…

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