Problems Associated With Increased Health Care Costs Essay

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1. What are hotspots? Hot spots are locations where there is a small group of people or a subset of a community that make up a large percentage of the health care expenses in that given city or town. The reasons these pockets come to exist is because these individuals are unable to afford basic medical care or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The result of not being able to meet what most people consider basic needs, hotspots locations are forced to ignore certain aspects of their lives that most of us would more closely monitor. As a result, what would could be a could situation expands into larger problems and more expensive forms of medical care. When coupled with the inability to access basic care it forces people to turn to more expensive measures.
2. Why do you think poverty is so closely associated with increased health care costs? I think that poverty is associated with increased health care costs because they are unable to afford the basic measures that prevent more expensive health care trips. Examples of this are the ability to access to healthy foods or living in a clean household environment. People who are struggling to make ends meet, rarely would spend money on more expensive, better quality food. It is no surprise that balance healthy diet, fuels the body better than food found at a convenient store. Additionally, living in a cleaner environment is also associated with healthier lifestyle which could decrease the number of infections or…

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