Problems and Opportunities of Direct Foreign Investment in Bangladesh

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Executive Summary
The thesis investigates the performance of problems and opportunities of Direct Foreign Investment in Bangladesh. It also identifies the overall direct foreign investment system in Bangladesh. Problems and opportunities of direct investment in Bangladesh follow the rules and regulation prescribed by the investment forum for schedule countries on companies. The functions of the country or company cover a wide range of investment and functional activities to individual, firms, corporate bodies and other multinational agencies. It is very important to the national economy as a whole because the expansion and condition of the company or firm affect the level of business activity through their effect on the nation’s money
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To differentiate the word ‘Investment’ there is three types of investment…
1. Consumer Investment: Consumer Investment refers to the purchase of durable, goods by consumers.
2. Business or Economic Investment: Business or Economic Investment refers to the purchase of business assets to produce income that is adequate composition for the risks involved in the venture.
Business or economic investment, the business enterprise is thoroughly willing to purchase productive assets to earn profit and is aware of risks involved. In other sense, it is investment in new productive facilities, which is actually profit seeking direct foreign investment.
Economic or business investment is the investment in real assets that brings about the production of goods and services for the purpose of maximizing the value of owner’s equity.
In this report “the problems and Prospects of direct foreign investment in Bangladesh” discussed the business or economical investment by foreign companies in Bangladesh.
In Bangladesh, Industrialization is emerging and capital market is not in the ideal situation to invest in securities market by the foreign investors. So, these areas in investment are not highlighting in this report.
Why a company goes to direct foreign investment?
If the management of any company can develop a competitive advantage that is suitable for

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