China Mobile Game Case Study

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Over the past 30 years, China has witnesses a continuing transition a capitalist political economy with a highlighting on market competition, international economic integrations and capital accumulation. In other words, It has opened its door to the direction of liberalization. Therefore, China requires to join the WTO for the demand to open its markets in anticipation, which is a new program of legal reform motivated. Thus, Chinese government is reducing to control business whose ownership is government-dominated or state-owned enterprise (SOES) but consolidate SOEs in some sectors to be global leader in their areas. As a result, foreign company can enter these fields but difficult compete. On the other hand, China is encouraging foreign direct investment (FDI) in almost sector, especially germinated industry. It is a great opportunity for e-business. However, in this stage, of approximately 130.000 SOEs four thousands are privatized per …show more content…
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