Essay on Problem Oriented Policing ( Pop )

969 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
For this paper, I am choosing to talk about the topic of problem-oriented policing (POP). problem-oriented policing is defined as: “An approach to police work that is concerned primarily with identifying and solving community problems, with or without input from the community” (1). This paper will discuss the issues with problem-oriented policing, and I will also propose what I think are good solutions to these issues. This topic is important to me, because I believe with some work, problem-oriented policing could be extremely effective in helping reduce crime and making communities safer. There are some issues surrounding problem-oriented policing. Two of the issues are: implementation and lack of knowledge for the citizens. The first issue I will touch on is the implementation of problem-oriented policing. Problem-oriented policing uses the SARA model in it’s approach: scanning, analysis, response, and assessment. Scanning is to identify the problem, analysis is understanding and researching the problem, response is to find solutions to the problem, and assessment is implement a response to the problem. The problem with the implementation, is that the ideas and programs are not done the same way in every department and police force. Problem-oriented policing is meant to be used for persistent and specific crimes, unlike community policing, which is used to work with everyday crimes and violations. The police officers in a study done with the San Diego Police Department…

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