Pro Wrestling Fans And Their Influence On The Artist 's Social Proof

1481 Words Oct 27th, 2016 6 Pages
When you look at fans of professional wrestling, it can become pretty obvious who their favorite wrestler is, by the clothing, or merchandise, they wear. For fans of Kanye West, there’s a different similarity between pro wrestling fans and themselves. Kanye West fans do not have a definitive name, or way of defining themselves. There is no form for the group for some reason. However, they are still able to celebrate their icon and promote their icon in a positive way amid negative press he is prone to receiving. Although they aren’t well formed, Kanye’s fans still have a great impact on the artist’s social proof with them being the first to respond to anything Kanye related, the first to archive anything Kanye related, the main source of buzz surrounding Kanye willing to congregate in one place for something he’s spearheaded, and the ones who further his brand outside of his own artistic endeavors.

Like any other fan group, there’s always a main hub where a majority of fans of an artist can congregate and worship their chosen artist. Kanye’s fan are no different. With Kanye fans, Kanyetothe has become the unofficial home for Kanye West fans to discuss and share anything Kanye related. In the forum is a dedicated section for Kanye and his label GOOD Music. With this section, anything Kanye related news, content, or theories, are posted in this section before any media platform has the opportunity to share such content. KTT (shortened for KanyeToThe) is literally seconds…

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