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The Pro-Choice argument is that that women have rights over their own body and have the right to choose what they wish to do with their body. The Pro-Life argument that women do not deserve to have those rights which means they would be forced to go on with an unwanted pregnancy. Many people believe abortion is wrong because it is taking away a life, however abortion performed at an early stage in a pregnancy is not taking away a life. Therefore, abortion should be legalized throughout all states in the U.S., as women should have rights over their own body.
Abortion history goes as far back as the 1800’s. Connecticut was one of the first states to officially outlaw abortion. Abortion was originally outlawed because the lack of safety procedures
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A turning point in abortion was the Roe v. Wade court case which caused a national debate on the subject of abortion. The debate is continued till this day, should it be allowed and to what extent? The court case allowed women the right to have an abortion in the state of Texas. It allowed the right to abortion within the first trimester of pregnancy, if abortion is safer than childbirth, it would be allowed. However, the courts were still restricting women’s rights to have an abortion. This court case changed the world due to the fact that it is a basis for the abortion argument. Every year on the anniversary of the case protesters march up Constitution Avenue in the march for life. Many states put laws in place to try and regulate abortions in any way possible. States put parent consent laws in place, making it so parents had to consent to abortions. Also, states had mutual consent laws, spouse notification laws as well laws that required abortions to be preformed in hospitals instead of in clinics. States still were opposed to women having abortions, and they made that very …show more content…
Many believe abortion is wrong, for many different reasons. Some believe abortion is against the Bible. They believe it is an offense against God and His creation of life. Others think that life begins at the moment of conception. They think that a humans life begins at the moment of conception, even though it is just a cell. It also believed that abortion is unsafe and can be harmful. Anti-Abortionists believe that women should have bare the responsibility of their unwanted pregnancy and bring an unwanted child into the world, rather than keeping the pregnancy from progressing into a fetus that has life and would actually live outside of the womb. I personally believe that women should have rights over their own

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