Private Prisons Pros And Cons Essay

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*Views over private prisons can range anywhere from constitutional private industry to illegal, draconian atrocities. The controversy over private prisons in the United States has been raging since 1983, when Corrections Corporation of America [CCA] received its first contract from the U.S. Department of Justice (“CCA - Our History,” 2013). Supporters of private prisons believe they save taxpayers money, but opposers claim that private prisons consistently have worse conditions than their public counterparts. Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT) and Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva (D-AZ) lead the charge to end private prisons in the house, while private corporations like CCA and The Geo Group continue to insist that their prisons help communities and governments, while they rake in millions of dollars. Private prisons were first introduced in the United States after the Civil War. They were used in the South as a way to “re-enslave” …show more content…
The first private company to manage a facility was Corrections Corporation of America [CCA]. CCA was founded in Nashville, Tennessee in early 1983 by Tom Beasley, Don Hutto, and Doctor (yes, that’s his first name) Crants (“CCA - Our History,” 2013), and gained much of its early funding from Massey Burch Investment Firm. At first, CCA tried to make a contract with the State of Tennessee, but CCA was refused. However, Hamilton County, Tennessee, agreed to let CCA build a prison on speculation, or a “spec” prison, counting on their prison being contracted in the future, and it was. Once the prison was already built, Tennessee had a hard time ignoring those empty prison beds, especially when the State just been court ordered to reduce the overcrowding of its prisons. In January, 1984, CCA was contracted to manage Tall Trees, the facility CCA had built, by the Tennessee State Legislature (Hunt,

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