Privacy Concerns On Facebook 's Privacy Policy Essay

901 Words Jan 10th, 2016 4 Pages
In the digital age, social networking sites become a prominent social utility for networking and social activities. They promote openness which eases communication, however, users are often unaware that sharing their personal information can cause threats to privacy. Facebook is a leading social networking site with over one and a half billion of monthly active users (Facebook Newsroom, 2015). It was primarily created for college students, however, now it is becoming more diverse in terms of age, background and technical skills (Brandtzæg and Heim, 2009). In fact, different age groups represent different needs of privacy (Karahasanovi´c, Brandtzæg, Vanattenhoven, et al., 2009; Raynes-Goldie, 2010). Although it congregates an enormous number of users, it has some severe flaws in their privacy policy. This essay will examine privacy concerns about Facebook – both caused by institutional and social factors. The former includes technological tools, software, the culture which Facebook promotes and the latter examines users ' behaviour, a level of awareness and hypothetical acceptance of invasion of their privacy. Indeed, privacy is dead in the age of social media, considering how much personal data becomes public because of institutional and social pressures. In spite of users privacy concerns, they are still willing to continue using this social networking site and disclosing accurate personal information.
At first, the essay focuses on threats to privacy caused by Facebook as…

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