Dangers Of Internet

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It is common to find parents, children, coworkers and even the elderly on the network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Internet usage has made modern lives easier in regards to social media by keeping in contact with friends and family. Benefits of the Internet include search engines and websites that keep one up to date on news stories, and data, as well as email accounts that help with business and organization. When one thinks of the possible fears in the world, common fears include spiders, heights, and crimes that can be committed against them. The dangers can be associated with everyday Internet usage whether it is used for those listed or other purposes. The Internet while entertaining, can have consequences and can be …show more content…
Facebook and other social media sites offer an outlet for sharing, however some of the information shared does not shine a good light on one’s personal life. Social media can be a powerful tool in regards to marketing, keeping in touch and putting your life out in the public eye. Often one dreads the decision made to peruse social media while under the influence. Impaired judgment can make individuals say or share things that they would not while sober. Words written and pictures shared cannot be taken back. Titlow relays “The third most frequently used hashtag on Instagram is #me.” (122) There is always someone who will download pictures, screenshot texts, and ultimately share what you submitted to social media. Future employers tend to check social media now, in order to see a prospective employee’s lifestyle and personality. Information shared about political views, drunken nights and discriminative posts can have the same effect, as an employer may not wish to hire based off of what is displayed. Individuals may defend supposed benefits of this self-display, however, often after one regrets what it shared; it can be too late to …show more content…
Whether one is paying an invoice online, sharing photos, or writing a blog, safety should be of a concern. Society is constantly on the Internet, which means that there is constant information obtained. Cyber hacking is becoming more common, as well as large data breeches. The information that we access online is not as secure as one might think. Imagining that this information could be in the hands of a stranger in a moment should cause anxiety. Endless possibilities are available in regards to what a person or organization could do with this information. Personal and account information can be used to steal identity however, many people still take these risks daily. Relationships and dating websites online can also put one at risk. Going outside of our comfort zone is always encouraged our safety is not always ensured.
The Internet while entertaining, can have consequences and can be detrimental to privacy, reputations and safety. Social networking, while it may be one of the greatest innovations of the past decade, is clearly powerful. This networking does not always work to our advantage, while one may be able to keep in touch with family and friends’ negatives exist that society should be aware of. Detrimental effects to privacy, safety, and emotions are common. Our society has chosen, however, to share our innermost thoughts and feelings via social media for all to see, regardless of how safe

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