Privacy And Government Control On September 11 Essay

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Privacy and Government Control On September 11, 2001 it was mostly cloudy with a high of 67. The World Trade Center was were most people were walking to that day to go to work. As many families were saying by to their kids and spouses and headed to work. Little did they know that would be the last time they would see their families. The first plane Flight 11 was scheduled to depart at 8:00, and the Mohammed Atta took over the plane and hit the North Tower at 8:46. At 9:03 Flight 175 heading from Boston crashed into the South Tower (911 History). Frantically the employees tried to find a way to get out of the World Trade Center before it collapsed. Some people panicked and started to jump out the windows to make a way out. President Bush was reading to little kids at Brooker Elementary School when he heard that the North Tower had been hit. After the terrorist act at the World Trade Center President Bush wanted to make a law that would protect the people. President Bush then went and signed the Homeland Security Act of 2002. The Homeland Security Act of 2002 is to prevent terrorist attacks in the United States ( Homeland Act). After the attack on September 11th is when the government started to watch everything more closely. The National Security Act of 1947 made some changes and now has made even more changes since the terrorist on 9/11. They needed a national defense and emergency system (Homeland Act). As the people of the United States we have given the government the…

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