The Pros And Cons Of US Prison System

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Is the Prison System Really Helping Others?
Can the US Prison System actually help people to become better or make them worthless? What is the goal or meaning for the prison? Is make the people become better and make them know what mistake they have make and they make the change. In the “Make the time fit the crime” From the website, we saw that “What 's prison for, anyway? Is it to change people, to punish them, or simply to remove them from the streets? If the number of cells is finite — and it is — society had better figure out its reasons for selecting whom it locks up and how long it holds them.” The prison is the place to make people better and give them a chance to have a new lives. The U.S prison system is not helping people to
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In the film “Prison State”, it talks about “the people who come out and need to stay the place the government request they need to live, also the people are having weekly appointment with the parole system and they need to pay some money to the parole system. If they don’t do any of those, they will be sending back to the jail again”. We need to change parole system. First because they need to live at the place that is assigned to them by the government. I think that is very unfair to the prisoners because the place they are assigned may not help the prisoners to become better. For example, there are some people want to go out from the prison and become better, but because the environment, they commit a crime again and go back to the prison again. There are also people who wants to leave. But when they leave, they need to go back to the prison, because they didn’t follow the rule from the parole system. Also the people need to meet their patrol officer weekly and if you don’t go, you also need to go back to prison. I think all these rule from the parole system is not the way humans should be governed. Another problem is the government also asks you for money, that make the people wants to commit a crime, because they just come out and it is not that easy to find a job. Even if they find a job, their salary is not that high and they need to buy some other new things. So, I don’t think the government should require former prisoners to give back money to them. Overall, I think the parole system should be that you can go or choose any place you want to stay and as longer as you are not doing a bad things. Also you can have a weekly appointment with the parole officer, but you don’t need to give the money to them and you can save the money you have or I think the parole system should have the money to support

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