Prison Overcrowded Essay

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One of the most controversial topics in the world today is trying to figure out ways to decrease any prison from becoming overcrowded. Many prisons house offenders that receive sentences from their trial. There is a lot that goes into the prison being overcrowded. Judges weigh the offender’s options that he or she may face before getting their sentence. For instance, during the pretrial a judge may look at the offender’s record to see if he or she is a great citizen and they took a minor step out of line; or if they intentionally went out of their way to commit a crime. Then the judge may decide to give them probation, or put him or her into treatment programs to consider saving prisons money. The ones the judge decides to put straight into prisons are typically more dangerous as well and deserve a harsher penalty. One issue that prisons face is not having enough funds to expand and build bigger prisons. So that presents a huge problem. There are two major problems when it comes to any prison being overcrowded. One is admissions of the offenders that receive their sentence and the length of stay can be a little too out of hand.
There are many alternative ways that a court system across the United States can reduce prison overcrowding. In Paul Heroux’s
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Many question the judges sentencing that offenders receive to place them in jail or prison because they are just flat out dangerous and remain a threat to be put in a treatment or a particular program that suits the offender’s needs. Treatment programs only pertain to drug abusers and addicts. Nonviolent offenders can possibly even participate in community service or house arrest. In many states, I think they favor the early release and the granting of parole to those offenders who aren’t really a threat to make room for the new prisoners who deserve to be in prison. The article states a good point about alternatives to reducing prison population and

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