Priorities For Career Success : A Look On Surgical Technologists

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Priorities for career success: the in look on Surgical Technologists
Imagine waking up from kidney surgery only to realize that there are stitches not only on your stomach, but also on your chest. Imagine the doctor coming up and having to explain to you that his surgical tech got a weak stomach and with scalpel in-hand, fell and put a puncture wound large enough for stitches on your chest. You would be shocked at the severe lack of professionalism by the surgical technologist, and you would question the hospitals inequity.
Surgical technologists, not only are skilled helpers, but the life of the operating room. If one is too tense during the surgery, it can cause everyone else to be as well, therefore they must remain calm to make sure everything goes smoothly as possible. They must always be one step ahead of the game, and always remain on their toes in tight situations. Unfortunately, each procedure is not always going to be perfect. Surgical technologists must always pay attention to the doctor, and even sometimes go with their own gut feeling as to what obstacle may be created next. They are sometimes taken for granted for what they do, but without their help, things could go haywire. It is their simple techniques and swift movements that tend to keep things going. It is not always easy for them to stay organized, have great communication skills, and remain professional, but when becoming a surgical technologist that is what it takes.
Surgical technologists are allied…

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