Print Your Own Medicine Essay

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Chemist Lee Cronin is a professor of chemistry and nanoscience and chemical complexity. He founded the Cronin group who is focused on complex functional molecular architectures that are not based on biologically derived building blocks. Cronin’s idea is to “app” chemistry and by this he means making a “really cool universal chemistry set”. He speaks with confidence to a mature audience that has an interest in the future of chemistry and medicine and those who create or take medicationalthoughpeople who are not affected by medicine may not have any interested in what Cronin has to offer. Knowing his audience, he targets and attempts to sell his concept . Cronin’s confidence, loud voice, tone, and appearance are all effective and benefit his argument. His delivery was clear and easy to follow and made it easy for people with no chemistry background to understand. For example, using words like “app-ing” chemistry created a larger audience for Cronin by phrasing his concept in a manner in which anyone with a smartphone or tablet could relate to easily. He struggled in the pace or speed at which he presented his approach , but still ended it in an organized and professional manner. Medicine has been researched and studied for as long as humans have recorded events. Taking care of oneself is an innate attribute to all living creatures. The desire to survive is instinctual. Professor and Chemist at the University of Glasgow School of Chemistry, Lee…

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