Essay on Primary Prevention : A School Bus System

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My primary prevention would introduce a school bus system. So students are afforded the opportunity to attend school without any barriers. Due to lack of finances to facilitate transportation to and from school many students stayed home to help their parents take care of their younger siblings, while the most adult person in the family would venture out to work. The less fortunate are being marginalized, and not afforded the quality of education desired because of their financial status. However there were instances of families moving to other communities that were closer to schools and hospitals. Two different systems system levels that contributed to this issue are as follows.
1. The microsystem
2. The exosystems The mesosystem is composed of the particular physical features, activities, and roles of that person Unless otherwise specified, the following term has been taken from Moritsugu, Wong & Duffy (2010).In this case I think the family in which a child is from will contribute to whether he can attend secondary school or be a drop out after Grade 9.The child’s family may influence from the very beginning the outcome of higher learning. Teachers and peers already know that this child may not be able to afford the transportation cost to the local secondary school .Families were marginalized and if the parents were not gainfully employed or the child did not come from a large family that would determine the consistency and attendance. The number of absents were…

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