Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austen Essay

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As the title of the novel namely suggest, the primary theme of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is about the tragic flaws of pride and prejudice possessed by the characters in the novel. Throughout the course of the novel, Austen’s masterfully woven characters begin to show their own strengths and weaknesses revolving around the theme of having either pride or prejudice. However, over time and due in part to the resemblance of the words, the terms of pride and prejudice have come to take on a similar meaning. In some ways they are very similar words, and in some ways even form an interdependent connection with one another. After all, how can one possibly have a sense of pride if they do see anyone other than themselves with a prejudice? Isn’t pride just a prejudice towards anyone that isn’t you? After all, we could describe a man of prejudice as having a preconceived attitude towards someone before he ever meets them. Wouldn’t pride be a perfect example of this? If a man has an exceptional hubris wouldn’t he instantly see others as inferior to himself before even meeting them? That sounds like a prejudice. And how can a man possibly posses a prejudice towards anyone else if he himself doesn’t have a prideful nature? What humble man has ever publicly or privately declared that he believes he is better than a whole group of people? None, ever. So in my own opinion, without pride, prejudice cannot exist, and without prejudice, pride cannot exist. However, it can…

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