Pride And Prejudice By Elizabeth Bennet Essay

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In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet begins to fall in love with Darcy when she first visits Pemberley, his grand estate. There, she learns more of his character through the praise of his housekeeper, Mrs. Reynolds. The moment that cements Elizabeth’s implied feelings for Darcy is when she contemplates his portrait, and the meeting between them that immediately follows. Though Elizabeth avoids or internally addressing her affection for Darcy at this point in the novel, her opinions of Pemberley and her body language reveal it. In Emma, the revelation is a sudden epiphany–sparked by what Emma believes to be an impending engagement between her friends Mr. Knightley and Harriet. At first she considers her emptiness without Knightley, but then when he confesses his love for her soon after, she considers how Harriet may feel about losing a marriage prospect. The different depictions of the moment when the heroines fall in love with their romantic interests suggest that Austen primarily uses this moment in Pride and Prejudice to show that love can sparked by learning more about the other individual, whereas in Emma, she uses the situation to show a woman’s personal maturation and self-awareness.
In Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth’s first inklings of fondness for Darcy occur gradually and implicitly. During her visit to Pemberley, her perception of Darcy grows from animosity to admiration–and furthermore to newfound affection. Austen primarily depicts Pemberley from Elizabeth’s…

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