Price Elasticity Of Demand In Disneyland

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Disneyland Increase in Price
It seems the park where everyone can be a kid again, Disneyland, has outpaced inflation due to their admission prices.Disneyland tickets have been rising on an annual basis and plan to inflate for the upcoming years. The current Disneyland admission for adults is $99, leaving a child’s admission at $93. Even though prices have risen, the demand of people who visit the park still increases.Price elasticity of demand is being used when Disneyland visitors know they will soon be raising the ticket prices once more. Disneyland is also protected from potential competition moving within a distance of the park. For example, other theme parks located here in California such as Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios
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Everything in Disneyland is filled with excitement; the Disney characters in the streets, the Castles, and food as well as the rides that brings out the kid in us. Live in that specific moment full of happiness with no care in the world is priceless. Leaving the park almost leaves you feeling empty inside. Thus, is the reason one feels the urge to return once again. Having this experience in Disneyland is something other theme parks lack. That is when visitors begin planning their next visit to the theme park. Consumers spend their money on products or services that gives them the most pleasure or satisfaction; this is a given. Disneyland, which has also been referred to being the “Happiest place on Earth”, has had a great success in consumer behavior. Consumers are willing to visit the theme park regardless if Disneyland ticket prices rise each year. Consumers create budget constraints just so they can have money to spend when they visit the theme park. Loyal customers purchase the seasonal pass each year in order to visit the park multiple times a year. The excitement and feeling the park gives each individual has a big impact on the company’s …show more content…
Children and adults are very fond of this place. People from all over the world come to America to visit and experience the beautiful place. Price is not a big thing when someone really wants to go to a place where everyone talks beautifully about. Disneyland is marketed everywhere and has a really great Branding name. So far Disneyland has not set a price too high where visitors do not go and the park experiences a loss. Many people have said the park is expensive but are still willing to spend their money to go

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