Compare And Contrast Roller Coasters And Knotts Berry Farm

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California has two amusement parks located relatively close to eachother. Knotts Berry Farm and Six Flags, which offer games, amusement rides, and great food. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which park is best for your family, but not in this case. It’s very clear which park is better, but since you’re still weary i’m taking it upon myself to take an in depth look at both of them to tell you why Knotts Berry Farm is a total rip off compared to Six Flags.

Let’s begin by comparing numbers of roller coasters and quality of roller coasters against each other. At Six Flags corner we have 19 roller coasters with the best being X2 a wing coaster that operates 20 stories high(200 feet), has a top speed of 76 mph, and with a track length of 3610 feet it’s not an easy opponent to defeat. On the other side of the room we have Knott’s Berry Farm which manages only 10 roller coasters with the most exceptional one being Xcelerator a hydraulically launched steel roller coaster at a measly height of 205 feet, speeds of 85 mph, and a derisory track length of 2202 feet. As you can tell Knott’s Berry Farm is already falling behind Six Flags.

On to the next comparison which is ticket prices. Again over in
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Their season passes are even more overpriced with platinum being 192.99 and gold being the best option at 102.99. The benefits of gold are pitiful in comparison to six flags. Knott’s gold season pass benefits from unlimited visits in 2014, save 10% at some establishments around the park, no free parking, discounts for a flea bag hotel that Knott’s owns, Discounts for buying a ticket to the scary farm event. WHAT? You have to buy a ticket for an event when you already blew 102 dollars for a season pass that can’t even give free parking and makes you pay for a ticket to an event when you already have a season pass? How much cheaper can an amusement park

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