Prevention Of High Blood Pressure Essay

1228 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 null Page
High blood pressure, which is also known to be hypertension is one of the number one diseases, that takes most lives around the globe. The concept measures blood that pushes against the walls of one 's arteries as it moves through the human body. Studies have shown that, its normal for blood pressure to move up and down. However, attention is given when it rises above the normal figure. Results of that (blood pressure above the normal figure) mostly lead to stroke, heart attack and what have you, which is very deteriorating. ‘Silent killer’ (another name for high blood pressure) is mentioned in the discussion, as its symptoms are not mostly seen. The writer highlighted populations with disabilities are those who stand the higher risk of getting high blood pressure. It was also mentioned that a greater percentage of the adults with the disability have the high blood pressure (HBP) than those without any (disabilities). But the highest among the adults are those with mobility limitations. However, causes of this epidemic were outlined such as lack of exercises, high salt intake, family history, abnormality of the arteries, which mostly result to an increased resistance (stiffness or lack of elasticity) and what have you versus solutions such as eating right, frequent check with primary care physician, self check, other resource centers that help in counseling people facing this disease and the like are needed to be done in order to avoid and or reduce high blood pressure in…

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