Preventing Non Communicable Diseases Essay

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Preventing non-communicable diseases, including cardiovascular disease (CVD), is a public health priority that has currently dominated both global [1] and African regional health policy [2]. This as a result of the growing evidence that shows that stroke and ischaemic heart disease are responsible for 20% of premature mortality globally [3]. In addition, stroke is the highest cause of disability. In Africa, the reasons for the increase in CVD are varied. They include urbanization and globalization which have harmonized cultures towards 'leisurely ' unhealthy lifestyles and their accompanying health risks [4] [5]. This is compounded by a demographic transition in which life expectancy has increased, and along with it, rates of chronic diseases that affect older people [6]. The result is a complex pattern of disease burden in Africa that is characterised by a mix of communicable diseases, maternal and perinatal conditions, HIV/AIDS and TB and non-communicable diseases.
The burden of CVD, comes not only as premature mortality and disability but high economic costs of care. The latter includes both direct costs of treatment and indirect costs of seeking care. Indirect costs of care comprise lost production and earnings due to illness or death of a working age adult as well as income loss by family members who act as informal caregivers of those with disease. Few studies exist in developing or developed countries to document the overall economic losses of cardiovascular…

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