Preventing Medication Errors And The Importance Of Excellent Communication And Interpersonal Skills Among Nurses And Patients

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How to Prevent Medication Errors
There are several ways to avoid medication errors in the healthcare setting. Common mistakes made when giving out medications include disorganization, miscommunication among hospital staff and careless errors. In the following paragraphs I will explain in detail how to avoid medication errors and the importance of excellent communication and interpersonal skills among nurses and patients. I will also clarify the reasons for common mistakes made in the hospital setting and ways to avoid these mistakes. Also be sure to ask the patient their name and date of birth .
Medication errors can be prevented simply by properly labeling and storing medications. Separate problematic and narcotic drugs in a lock box in your facility. Be sure not to store look-alike drugs in close proximity to each other. Be sure to separate and use auxiliary labels for different vaccines. Also be sure to separate external solutions, non-drug items and chemicals from internal products. A well-organized store area makes all the difference in medication error prevention. A staff member should be designated to routinely check all medications and discard expired medications. It is important to store medications at eye level and to keep the storage area between 57 and 84 degrees.
Ensure that every medication dispensed to patients should be labeled with the name of the medication, frequency, purpose of the medications, lot number, expiration date and quantity of medication as…

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