Presidential Elections : Presidential Election Elections Essay

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For the past century all but a handful of midterm elections have seen the incumbent party losing a significant number of seats to the opposing party. Even though the presidential party won the presidential elections simply two years prior, the opposing party drastically wins seats from the president’s party typically offsetting the majorities within the House of Representatives and also the Senate that the president may have had originally when they entered office. Throughout the midterm elections every state votes on its members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the senatorial seats opens for reelection across the United States. Therefore, even though the president’s party won the presidential election, the midterm election can ensure that the opposing party to the president still maintains a significant monopoly of governmental and legislative power. The consistent political phenomenon that is the loss of the presidential party’s seats to the opposition may be caused by the President and their Party negatively representing by not fulfilling campaign promises or creating controversial legislation, or by a lack of motivation against the president’s party’s voters to actively participate in the political aspects of the midterm elections including voting and sponsorship.
During a presidential campaign both the presidential nominees and conjointly the parties make guarantees and claims regarding policies that they are intending to enact or alter once they…

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