Essay President Of The United States Of America

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I am honored to build on the successes of your previous term in office and provide to you my guidance for your next four years as President of the United States of America. Through the success of your New Freedom Program we have strengthened anti-trust laws, protected workers and unions, and encouraged the growth of small businesses. Putting the American people first, you have solved many problems that affected the struggling middle and lower classes, providing greater stability and protection to a large number of under-represented and marginalized people. Despite your aims to strengthen the home front, there are new problems brewing abroad such as a huge conflict culminating in Europe, an immense amount of immigrants and new races trickling into the domestic population, and the Mexican Revolution occurring near our border. With these problems, both internal and international, I believe now more than ever you should continue to strengthen and bolster your domestic support and through such support continue to build a strong and resilient working class. It is through this strong working class that we can prepare to carry the US through any war, both at home or abroad. Although I do not think war will be necessary, through strategic planning it is imperative that we be united with the people under a common bond and have their trust, faith, and support in our actions ahead.
Much of what we are currently facing in our political climate is a result of the successes and failures of…

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