President Obama 's Education Policy Essay

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President Obama’s education policy can be largely characterized by the development of three major initiatives: the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), Race to the Top (RTT), and the NCLB waiver program. Each of these initiatives became interwoven with the others, but this section will give a brief explanation of each of these programs and explain the opposition that built up against them. A complete discussion of each of these programs, their impact on public education, and their successes and failures is not within the scope of this chapter. While this conversation is an important one, particularly in light of the passage of ESSA, this chapter will instead highlight the role that these three initiatives played in the creation and passage of ESSA. This section will further show that these three initiatives were the main drivers of ESSA; many of the provisions in ESSA were crafted more as a response to these three initiatives than to the original NCLB act. One of the earliest problems identified with NCLB was the uneven proficiency standards produced by the legislation. Each state was allowed to determine what constituted ‘proficiency’ in math and reading, and use these proficiency standards in order to measure student growth and hold schools accountable. Under this system, there were as many proficiency standards as there were states; this uneven standard naturally came to the attention of state leaders, because many schools were failing to meet these…

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