President Obama And The House Of Representatives Essay

1481 Words Dec 1st, 2014 6 Pages
President Obama, is being sued by the house of Representatives. Due to his decision making the House feels like they have been taken advantage of over this situation. We will cover the nature of this suit, and what are its chances of succeeding. Why didn 't the House Impeach President Obama and or if impeachment would be a better option. Also I will show my personal opinion on the political and future bifurcation.

Over the years, the House of Representatives voted to lawsuit President Obama for overstepping and over powering of the presidency. By a party line vote, the result of 225 to 201, Republicans announcement that the House is moving forward to a lawsuit against President Obama and the application of the Affordable care Act. The nature of this lawsuit is against the “Obama-care”, The Obama-care complaint cites 2 particular actions by Obama Administration about the implementation of the health care law. The first issue in on the decision to hold off for one year, the qualification that employers with overage 50 employees support health care coverage or pay the penalties. The second retain it was outlaw for the Treasury Department to transfer billions of dollars that Congress has not allowable to insurance companies to share the spend of supporting the new affordable health plans. Including the new health care act would take away many of the insurance companies that we have today due to how expensive they are. But the odds of the new affordable health care taking place…

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