The Worst Paying US Jobs: Article Analysis

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Articles Reviews: Economics; The worst Paying US Jobs
Glassman, Mark and Dorothy Gambrell. "The Worst Paying U.S. Jobs Are on the East and West Coasts.", 2013.Web. 28 Oct 2013. .

In their article published on October 11, 2013, Glassman and Dorothy present information about jobs that pay the lowest in the United States. They locate that the ten worst paid for jobs, are specifically on the East Coast and South Coast except for the cases of dishwashers in Las Vegas as well as attendants of counters in Lewiston. In a descending order, the highest paid of the worst ten are ushers and ticket-takers in Atlantic City, $20, 320 in a year, followed by amusement and recreation attendants in Orlando, $20, 020, dinning room attendants in Napa, $19, 690, hosts and hosteses in Myrtle Beach, $19, 570, counter attendants Lewiston, $19, 430, farm workers Salina, $18, 990, dishwashers in Las Vegas, $18, 930, fast food cooks in Yuba City, $18, 780, food
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In the view of Amash, President Obama will be compelled to delay or push forward Obamacare, either case of which will affect him negatively. Remarkably, Amash sees that President Obama will possibly not compromise on Obamacare. Considering the view in Amash’s opinion, the only way to achieve anything from Obama’s governance and administration is by compelling situations such as the shutdown. Although well demonstrated and shown, this article is one sided. There are positive sides of the Obamacare, and there are those who believe it will be a success. A balanced review would be better. Again, drawing conclusions from an interview with just one respondent could probably not get the point right.
Green, Joshua. "Crisis Is the New Normal.", 2013.Web. 28 Oct 2013.

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