Essay on President Lincoln 's Role During The War

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He learned through this that he was going to have to take a more active role in the war than he had anticipated. President Lincoln took on a new role in 1862 of learning how to really fight a war. He started studying war and strategy. He began to seek guidance from his advisers. “He requested information as to the location of forces, their state of readiness, and the levels of arms and ammunition they held… He would never again adhere to the position that a passive containment strategy would suffice to bring the Confederates to their sense and win the war.” (McGovern 2009) By adjusting the Union’s tactics the chances of winning the war was looking much better. There was still a long road ahead for him and for the country. Lincoln also had to get reelected in 1864 to be able to finish what had been started in his first term.
To get reelected Lincoln had some obstacles to overcome. The first was that some argued that there should not be an election in n1864 because of the war. The president, however, thought that things should proceed as normal. He was running for second term and he wanted to be able to finish what he had started. He also needed the support of the American public. “He considered it his duty to finish the business of winning the war, and he meant to fulfill his pledges to preserve the Union and ensure freedom for all Americans” (McGovern 2009) He was up against people who did not want him to get reelected. Some were searching for a new Republican candidate and…

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