President Franklin Roosevelt And The New Deal Essay

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In the early days of 1933 the U.S. needed urgent relief and recovery from the economic collapse which caused the Great Depression. 1929-1939 were some of the bleakest years in the country 's history, at least one-quarter of the population was unemployed and almost every family was in bad shape. President Franklin Roosevelt took office in 1933 and he swiftly brought in new rules, regulations, and ideas to begin improving the economy and the American people’s way of life. Over the next couple years the government implemented an array of experimental projects and programs, collectively known as The New Deal. The main goal of these projects was to restore peace and prosperity with the economy, and to lift some of the suffering off the American people. Later, a second New Deal was installed and it consisted of even more programs, and reforms, all with the intention of rapidly improving the government, and conditions of the people. These regulations greatly affected the way the U.S. society and economy operated.1 It permanently transformed the federal government’s relationship with the population. This ten year long event was one of the most influential in the shaping of the history of the United States Republic.
President Roosevelt was a charming, persuasive, powerful man who was genuinely interested in people and their problems.2 To FDR the Great depression was not just a temporary downturn, but a long lasting crisis that would cause economic, political, and social disaster if…

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