President Eisenhower 's Achievement Motivation Shines Essay

1953 Words Dec 4th, 2016 8 Pages
inflation which is common following a major war. Madsen (2012) states, “ throughout his campaign, Eisenhower placed the blame for inflation upon deficit spending and money creation” (698). Eisenhower found that balancing the budget was a crucial issue throughout his terms. Eisenhower had to balance the vital functions to perform in defence and protection, while keeping the United States dollar worth something to the American people. This is the major area where Eisenhower’s achievement motivation shines. Throughout his entire presidency, he is seen to spending money in relation to national security very carefully. He believed that every dollar was important and we should not rely on conflict to boost the economy.
Another way that Eisenhower has also been described by many people is that he is known for having to be preemptive. Polsky (2015) says that “preemption occurs when a president representing the opposition coalition wins office while the dominant coalition retains its vitality” (95). What he means by this is that this president had to walk a line between doing what his coalition demanded and enduring the popularity of the opposing regime’s programs and commitments. Eisenhower, during his presidential terms, battles the popularity of the New Deal and still being able to tinker with the edges to fulfil his goals economically. Eisenhower 's knows that if he wants to serve two terms, he will need to work with some of the popular programs that are in place. However, this…

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