President Donald Trump 's Winning Slogan Essay

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Make America Great Again, came to be President Donald Trump’s winning slogan. His win of presidency marks a pivotal moment in history because of the general public’s fear which stemmed the uproars in protest. Society fears Trump’s arrogant persona alluding to his racist and sexist comments condemning most of the American population. Many acts of rebellion occurred after the jaw-dropping results came in on November 9th 2016. Many people who are active on social media participated in the hashtag movement “#notmypresident”. It swept the nation on all social media platforms as people from coast to coast denounced the results of the election fearing white supremacy movements and immigration policies Trump resembles. As the shock of the results simmer down, it can be hard not to reflect upon the meaning of what is next for America. Trump is now the headliner for all news articles which emphasize his plan for the Country. From being submersed into this whole event I can think of two key historical events that helped catalyze the things Trump supports; naturalization of slavery and the Salem Witch Trials. Both events created a precedent in United States history carrying long-term effects that have embedded into today’s societal norm. After learning about these important marks in history I will connect them to modern occurrences ensuring the validity of what President Trump truly means by Make America Great Again.
Going back all the way to the 1690s and 1730s slavery…

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