Presidency : George Washington And Obama Essay

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Presidency: George Washington vs. Barack Obama George Washington and Barack Obama are two presidents that have impacted the United States. George Washington was the first president and Barack Obama is the current president, the forty-fourth.
George Washington, the first president of the United States, did not have a political party. Washington was an independent candidate. Before George Washington was president, he was the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. Washington was the Commander in Chief for eight and a half years. Washington was also elected delegate at the First Continental Congress. He served, and was a leader of, the thirteen colonies from 1774 to 1789. The process of electing a president has been altered from the time George Washington was elected. Each state selected one elector for every person that is represented that state in the congress. Each elector for every state had two votes. The presidential candidate that had the most votes would become president. Every elector from every state had voted for George Washington. Washington unanimously won the election. The first term started in 1789 and that second term started in 1793 ("Top 10 Major Accomplishments Of George Washington - Top Inspired", 2016).
George Washington did not have much of an education. The education he did have was schooling at home. Washington had eight years of education. Washington was extremely intelligent when it came to math. Although public speaking and writing were areas…

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