George Washington : An American Patriot And The First President Of The United States

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George Washington was a highly favored and blessed man. A man of integrity, a man of valor, and an emboldened man who people loved. George Washington was a man of repute who was a monumental figure in founding our country. One of a kind and infamous in the eyes of our country. George Washington has placed his mark on history. Centuries later he is a legend of our starving and desolate country. Whose very freedoms that he helped to establish and fought for are at stake.
George Washington was an American Patriot and The First President of the United States. This man who is looked upon with favor had a humble beginning in life faced with hardships. George Washington was eleven years old when his father passed away and he had many siblings (Moore, p85). When George was still in his teen years he wanted to be a sailor and his mother not thinking that was a good idea sent word to George’s uncle for his thoughts and he agreed (Moore, p86). God had a plan for Washington even at a young age and we can see how each step Washington took was one step in the direction for his destiny and purpose as designed by our creator. Great with arithmetic and not easily deterred in determination Washington decided on becoming a surveyor (Moore, p86). This would allow Washington the ability to learn the wilderness, the terrain, the ability to move among Indians, and survive the outdoors. The dream he had of being a sailor was changed, but in his determination to follow a new plan and to be open to…

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