Preserving Recycling For The Land Essay

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Preserve Recycling to Preserve the Land Over the past decade, the topic of recycling has blossomed into one of most frequently disputed topics amongst society. Researchers across the world have completed studies attempting to prove one way or the other as to if the benefits of recycling outweigh the setbacks of it. Students have been taught the saying, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!” for an extended period of time now, yet, should schools still teach students the three R’s? The answer is yes. Detailed research is thoroughly completed and analyzed calculating cost and effectiveness of recycling, and it is completed for both sides of the arguments. Although there are still improvements to be made, recycling should continue to be practiced and expand in use by Americans because it will protect the environment and provide resources.
Recycling first blossomed on Earth Day in 1970 with the main goal of this practice being to protect the environment. Popularity steadily spread over the United States convincing people to “go green” by turning waste products into reusable products to manage waste disposal and save resources. A call for recycling is needed when reading the United States holds five percent of the world’s population, yet the mighty nation generously provides nineteen percent of the world’s waste (Horrigan). Americans must find a place to dispose the excessive waste that is produced, but where? Evidently, the answer has usually been landfills. According to the geography of…

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