Presence Centered Youth Ministry Summary

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As children grow up they learn a great deal by watching those around them and mimicking what they see. Youth in today 's church are no exception and they will learn to love and follow Christ by observing other faithful disciples. In Presence-Centered Youth Ministry, Mike King proposes a new approach in contemporary youth ministry. A shift from contrived flashy programs to authentic ministry centered in the presence of God. King attempts to demonstrate the traditional time honored disciplines, symbols and practice of the church can help students find a tangible, tactile, applicable and relevant Christian faith. This experience can only be made authentic and accessible when youth leaders and sponsors embodies these practices and allow them to shape their personal faith. Presence-centered youth ministry “is about creating an environment where we and those around us are able to come face to face with God. We 're allowed space to attend to God 's presence.”1 The following is a summary and critique of …show more content…
Prayer practices include silence, imagination, examination, and respiratory. These different approaches to practicing prayer help engage students in different ways to think about and relate to God through fresh approaches. King also suggest the use of prayer ropes, postures and signing, icons and hours as a physical means of practicing prayer. Presence-Centered youth ministry also approaches scripture differently through the practices of storytelling, sacred reading and Lecto Divina which encourage students to think about and engage the Word in different and fresh ways. Finally this culminates in the practice of creating a rule of life. A rule of life is a document of intended practices and rhythms of life to be lived out individual with the community. These can be transformational documents for students by quantifying their spiritual practices in

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