Prejudice And Racism In The 1930's

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Imagine getting sentenced to prison for the rest of your life for something you didn’t even do but witnessed. The only reason why you got sentenced was because the color of your skin. This is considered racism, racism is discrimination directed against someone of a different race. In the 1930s, black people were mistreated mostly in the south by white people. The white people would make life hard on the black people by tar and feathering, let whites go in front of them, calling them rude names, or even killing them by the night men or in other words, the KKK. Racism is still an issue today because of beliefs and opinions. Although racism is not as prevalent as it was in the South in the 1930s, we still struggle as a nation with this problem in many places. Stacey Logan’s friend T.J. had been blamed by the KKK for killing a KKK member. “He said quietly, “” He’s in jail right now”” (Taylor, 274). T.J. got sentenced for life because the Simms brothers killed Mr. Barnett with an axe. “He ain’t done nothin that bad. It was them Simms! Tell them that!” (Taylor,275). T.J. was framed. “…could he die? asked Stacey hardly breathing” (Taylor, 274). Stacey is nervous for his friend. “I ain’t never lied to y’all, y’all know that…well, I…I wish I …show more content…
and Stacey didn’t always get along. The night it happened Stacey woke up to hearing T.J. wanting into the bedroom for help. “Stacey, help me get home,””’he pleaded” (Taylor,248). T.J. was disparate to get home because he was in pain. After walking T.J. home, Stacey sent Cassie, Little man, and Christopher John to go get Papa because the KKK showed up at T.J.’s house. Papa wanted to bring a gun and Mama didn’t like the idea of it. “I know, David, I know. But theres got to be another way. Some way they won't kill you too! (Taylor, 259) While Papa was walking t T.J’s with Mr. Morrison and his gun he thought of an idea where he would have anyone killed like Mama asked. He started a fire and everyone got distracted and helped stop

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