Pregnancy Prevention Essay

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Despite the contrary belief, pregnancy prevention and the idea that a woman can determine how many children she brings to life has been around for centuries. Birth control also known as contraception is a medication that prevents or lessens the frequency of conception. The earliest documentation on birth control description dates back to the ancient Egyptian era. To block the sperm, Egyptians used honey, acacia leaves and lint. In ancient Greece silphium, a plant was used as a contraceptive. In medieval Europe, women used multiple preventions, such as “coitus interrptus” or the pullout method and inserted lily root into the female genitalia. In eighteenth century Italy, a lambskin covering was used as birth prevention; however, condoms became available in the twentieth century. In the twenty-first century, an era where birth control is frequently used, it is amusing to think of a time where it was just as common, but practiced without the medicines and forms of contraception we use today. Due to the technology and new inventions, today methods of pregnancy …show more content…
However, it is difficult for many people to abstain for a long period of time, and they might end their abstention without protection against pregnancy. The most popular form of contraception among married couples over the age of 30 is surgical sterilization. All sterilization procedures are permanent. For women, a health care provider closes or blocks the fallopian tubes by being sealed, cut or tied. This process prevents the eggs from going down to the uterus where they can be fertilized. For men, having a vasectomy stops the sperm from going to his penis, so his ejaculate never has sperm. Sperm stays only for about 3 months in the system, during that time, another prevention is required. A semen analysis, a test to check if all sperm is gone can be

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