Preferences of Clients on House Designs Essay

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Foreign Literature
Forsythe (2012) mentioned on an article that a prime consideration of client is a safe design of the building structure against wind forces and earthquake and safety against fire accidents. Paul H. Raymer (2010) discussed in the book ---- the general airflow considerations in a house construction not only among client but also architects. His findings shows that residential ventilation strategies make the assumption that the polluted air is in the house and needs to be changed with the outside air.
International Codes Council (2009) findings show that cities and countries across United States typically adopt a building code to ensure welfare and safety. Regional
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It is worthwhile remembering that architecture is a fulfiller of needs and aspirations, that it reflects the mode of life and the thoughts of the people it serves. Architecture does not lead. It follows. 9 9 Patrick Charles (2008) featured on the magazine the Kogan Builders’ business practice is centered on Design-Build model. This provides clients with exceptional service; beginning with the conception of their new home all the way through to completion. Designers coordinate all architectural services that include a building site analysis, floor plans, hand rendered elevations, and complete construction documents (blueprints). They also have a full time design coordinator who works hand in hand with the client prior to and throughout the building process to select interior and exterior finishes that fit their design preferences as well as their budget. Being involved in the process from start to finish allows Kogan Builders to offer many benefits to you as a homeowner. Their whole systems approach results in a home designed for needs, designed for quality, and designed for value.
Local Literature Conrado M. Diaz Jr. (2014) featured the iconic structure beguiling historic charms that evoke images of a rich past near Manila Bay. The structure is a residential project situated at premiere adds which was a hub of Philippine elite during the pre-war era. Magnus Soder, the client, shared that he

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