Precarious Employment Essay

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Young people and the difficulties faced in negotiating a precarious and exploitative labour market

The operational definition of youth varies widely from country to country but the UN defines youth as the age group between 15 and 24 years old.
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Young people are confronted with the difficulties of negotiating a labour market that is precarious and exploitative. There are major difficulties of entry, especially into full-time work in the formal and informal waged economic spheres.


This essay will discuss why young people are two to three times more likely than adults to find themselves unemployed and why the problem is rapidly growing in almost every region of the
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In particular the teaching of entrepreneurial skills and attributes and behaviours is often not properly integrated into school curricula or not adequately taught on different educational levels. Most education systems still teach only traditional values rather than independent thinking and acting, risk-taking and self-reliance. Moreover, an academic approach to education nurtures skills that are appropriate to working in the public sector or large organizations and companies, are not the key skills needed to start an entrepreneurial career.

Youth regardless of their origin have dreams, hopes and aspirations. They carry with them many qualities: “relevant and recent education and training; enthusiasm, hope and new ideas; willingness to learn and be taught; openness to new skills and technology; realistic expectations on entry into the labour market; mobility and adaptability; and represent a new generation to meet the challenge in countries with an ageing workforce.” (Resolution concerning youth employment, 2005). Yet youth throughout the world encounter barriers in making transitions from school to work. Frequently their full potential is not realised because they do not have access to appropriate jobs (United Nations General Assembly, 2000).

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