Pragmatic Approach To Architectural Design

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Is there a certain approach that is considered the right way to approach architectural design? There are many architectural theories that an architect can draw upon that helped them to achieve different types of results in their design, such as constructivism, de-constructivism, critical regionalism and many more. There are a number of architectural projects that are based on the concept of pragmatism. The key element in a pragmatic approach to architecture is function; the pragmatist perspective to design approach can be linked to both practical and theoretical level. On the practical level, the concept of a pragmatic approach can help us to better understand and guide the design practice while on the theoretical level; it informs and helped …show more content…
It is also about adopting the methods that work best for you but what is considered best for you is not necessarily best for others (Ramroth, 2006). The pragmatic design is based on things that are tangible and it is built according to the needs. Even in school, we are taught to use the pragmatic approach in our studio project. The pragmatic approach helps us to justify our design decisions but along the way, we are too focusing in finding justification for our design decision that we neglected the intangible aspect of the design, which is the user experience. The user experience in a space should not be neglected; it is a one of the key aspect in contributing to the sense of place. In this case, does the architectural design becomes a soulless and empty shell if it was designed solely based on the site context and the needs of the people without the theory and the user experience? Is pragmatic approach the right way in approaching architectural design?
This essay will be arguing about the pragmatic approach in architectural design and how phenomenological approach can be use together with pragmatic approach where phenomenology complements the lacking aspect of pragmatism. The combination of both approaches should the key element in approaching and conceptualizing architectural design. It will be drawn upon on the writings of John Dewey and Peter Dalssgard on pragmatism, writings of Martin Heidegger, Juhani Pallasmaa and Christian Norberl-Schelg on phenomenology and supported by case studies from

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