Practicing Medicine Can Be Grimm Work Essay example

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From the beginning of time, parents have laid beside their children reading them a fairy tale every night before the child falls asleep and enters the land of milk and honey. However, many of these children never fully grasp the concepts and the lessons that these fairy tales are trying to teach. The story of the three little pigs isn’t just a story about how three pigs escaped from a hungry wolf; instead, it is a message saying that by using one’s own wit and knowledge, they are able to overcome the horrific fangs that the world is trying to bite with. Many of these lessons are very applicable to our everyday lives, as seen through author and doctor Valerie Gribben. The title of her passage, “Practicing Medicine Can Be Grimm Work,” uses a play on words through the Grimm Fairy Tales, indicating that Gribben uses many of these fairy tales in her own life in which she argues that fairy tales help us cope with the many experiences that happen throughout our life. I agree with Gribben’s argument that fairy tales ease the struggles and encounters that our life holds because through my own observations and experiences, many of these fairy tales have been extremely relatable to what I have undergone and the lessons that I have learned have been relevant to my life. Valerie Gribben’s essay, “Practicing Medicine Can Be Grimm Work,” talks about Gribben’s arduous journey through her years in medical school, and her time venturing through the pain and hardship of experiencing the many…

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