Powers Of The United State 's President Under Article II Essay

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Powers of the United State’s President under Article II
Since time immemorial, the Constitution of America has been categorical in safeguarding the powers of the president of the United States by implementing policies that give the president more power and authority while ensuring his state protection. This began in the era of George Washington back in the late 18th century. Delegates were keen on defining the powers of the executive position as the president of the country. In the words of Robert Jackson, the treatment of this executive office was "as enigmatic as the dreams Joseph was called upon to interpret for the Pharaoh," demonstrating the mystery and scope of authority associated with the office with unclear Convention records. As construed by Rakove (2010), he considered the institutionalizing of the presidency as one of the most creative act owing to its flexibility and dynamism.
President as the Chief Executive
As documented in Article II of the American new constitution, the legislatures and lawmakers sought to offer the world something unique; that of a chief executive whose power emanated from the people as opposed to a hereditary governance that run down a specific lineage or clan. The American constitution however, provides guidance as to the terms and conditions of the office for the sitting president as they embraced modernization and aspects of civilization. Over the years that the country has been in existence as a sovereign state, with short…

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