Power Of The Other Hand Essay

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People are wealthy because having an excess of money, means that they have access to an excess of actual resources. That is what wealth really is, “the use, possession, or control over any resource” be it physical or human (Fry 2016). Power on the other hand, revolves around the use of those resources. When one has a large enough amount of resources (and the proper social standing), one can allocate those resources in such a way that they can exercise a “capacity to control outcomes” (Fry 2016). The concept of power exists on a wide spectrum, from having the power to acquire a piece of food to eat, to having the power to assemble and command an entire military.
So where does wealth originate? That is the question that early economists, or their equivalent, strove to answer, for that answer would lay the groundwork for governmental and social structures, and the economies therein (Fusfeld 13). Throughout the ages, intellectuals and elites subscribed to different ideas about wealth. For mercantilists, wealth was a product of trade, for Marxists it was labor, but for what is perhaps one of the earliest economic structures, feudalism, land was the source of wealth (Fry 2016).

The Pyramid of Feudalism

After the fall of the Roman Empire, what we now know as feudalism became the social/economic structure throughout most of Europe (Snarr and Snarr 60). The economy under feudalism operated under a social system of rights and obligations, as opposed to a profit oriented…

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