Poverty Of The United States Of America Essay

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Approximately 14 million children are in poverty in the United States of America (U.S.). That is 14 million kids limited of resources like a good education. Children in poverty have difficulties learning and getting the resources they need to be successful. Poverty is defined as, “the state of being extremely poor”. Poverty affects 14.5% of Americans. The cause of this is believed to be from the government. The latest case of recovery found was that the Republican controlled congress into cutting billions of people’s food-stamp benefits and stopped extended unemployment benefits (Gongloff, huffingtonpost.com). This program gave people of unemployment 73 weeks to get back to working. However, with that program being cut in half and only given 26 weeks to recover, now more than 1 million unemployed workers are rising and the estimate of unemployment will hit 26% compared to around 45% of unemployment (Parlapiano, nytimes.com). Poverty affects more than we would think.
Poverty can be found everywhere in the world. Even close to your own home and one would not realize. A struggle that a lot of people relate to that trickles down to the effects of education is jobs with low wages or people whom have no job at all. There is a direct correlation between having a job, the amount the employee is paid, and how well a school is able to educate its kids. Take Reading, Pennsylvania for example, the city is filled with people that have jobs with low wages or no jobs at all. A…

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