Poverty Around The World Research Paper

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Poverty around the World
Mahmood Alalimi
General goal: to inform
I. Imagine that in Yemen when you go to a pharmacy trying to get a medicine for whatever reasons you always get to ask this question “which one do you want?” you get to choose between two medicines that have the same type, instructions but different price and quality. If I ask you the same question which one will you choose, of course, the one that has the higher price what about people who can’t afford it they usually get the less expensive one. As a result, people who seek for healing, could never find it and that causes them bigger problems. Therefore, they go to the hospitals, and they get out of it broke
II. I did my research about poverty because nowadays
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Let’s start in some details on poverty. I will illustrate some examples on the different aspects of poverty.
A. The cities are growing at an explosive rate in the developing countries. Lagos is growing quickly and it has grown from 230,000 (1950) to 13.4 million.
1) The average rate of growth has been calculated to be 7.5%. It is more than the population of Nigeria.
2) The megacities are developed in developing countries showing critical problems like bad sanitation, overcrowding, housing, transportation. The unemployed people are increasing which results in poverty. (Masson, 2001)
B. The under nutrition occurs due to poverty at the economic level. Poverty indicates that the average income is low. The economic productivity is low. The percentage of labor force ranges between 80 and 95% in the African nations and South Asia. Majority of the population have low level of education and lack of technological expertise. The infrastructure is not adequate.
• Adam Smith has studied the relation between poverty and under nutrition. Insufficient nutrition leads to poor productivity and also poverty (Svedberg, 2000).
C. The ethical and social concern for economic in equalities and poverty need to be scrutinized. Some countries seemed to be poorer than the rest. There are policies for redressing
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Those who are paying living expenses in a low income, it drives a lot of people suffering from poverty in a debt of unsustainable way. The crisis is due to the practice of risky lending and deficiency in regulating finance. The loans for social fund deficiency are eligible for the requirement of people and offering an original alternative in the emergency situation for credit at the commercial level (Haddad, 2009).
E. Poverty has no specific theory. The causes are categorized in various ways and some of them are quite useful. Firstly, the classification can be made on the basis of social process, which consists of political, economic, situational, social. Secondly, levels can be used to group them, e.g.,
• National or macro, international, micro or household. Africa is marked by the poor economic rate of growth. The poverty cannot be reduced if the market fails. Poverty can be reduced if the living conditions of the poor are improved. The demographics and poverty has relation in two levels, e.g. microeconomic level and macroeconomic level. The government should work properly for dealing with the causes of poverty (White, Killick, Kayizzi-Mugerwa,

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